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Nanga Vhutshilo provides high-quality early development curriculum and accompanying programs to children in one of Soweto’s most vulnerable communities. At Nanga, we believe that struggling communities will progress only when their most vulnerable children –those severely impacted by poverty, disease, or poor family circumstances– are able to succeed. We use a sophisticated, theory-based approach to make this happen.

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Learn how we go beyond ECD to get better results for our children.


Nanga children are better prepared to succeed in school.

At Nanga, we’re all about getting results. We are constantly gathering feedback about each aspect of our programme, and we are constantly improving our services in order to make them as effective as possible.

As children progress through our Development Centre and enter the school system, we continuously monitor their learning progress, physical health, and overall well-being.

Overwhelmingly, our data shows that involvement with Nanga improves children’s linguistic and cognitive abilities, makes them healthier, and enables them to excel in the classroom.

  • percent of parents see improvement in their child's language abilities.
  • percent of parents feel their child is more eager to learn.
  • percent of parents feel their child is better prepared for school.
  • percent of parents would recommend the Development Centre to other parents.


Every day, Nanga helps hundreds of children realize their full potential. Meet a few of our students:
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Age 4
Kamohelo is one of the most patient, attentive learners in her class. She loves spelling and coloring.
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Age 4
Bophelo is very active and loves to play sports. In the classroom, he excels with numbers and phonics.
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Age 8
Ntokozo enjoys studying English and hopes to become a teacher when she grows up.
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Age 4
Blessing loves to sing, dance, and recite poetry for his classmates and teachers. He is also an avid soccer player.


We work intensively with parents to help them care for their children as well as possible, and we constantly assess their satisfaction with our programme. Here's what just a few parents said about Nanga: